COVID-19 adjustments to the Tribunal Service

(Last Updated 6th July 2020)

The Tribunal Service has adopted or reverted to the following procedure and policies with effect from the 6th July 2020:

a) For all hearings and appeals that ordinarily require the attendance of parties, those parties and their representatives should expect to attend the Tribunal in person unless otherwise agreed or directed by the presiding Chair. If a party or their representative is prevented from attendance because he or she is deemed vulnerable or is in isolation, he or she is required to provide the Tribunal with as much notice as possible so that attendance by StarLeaf video link can be arranged;

b) If any party is unable to participate in a hearing or appeal due to illness, that party will be required to produce evidence of illness in the form of appropriate correspondence from a medical practitioner in advance of the hearing;

c) The Tribunal hearing room has been rearranged so that parties can be safely accommodated at least 1 metre apart from each other and the presiding Chair. The Tribunal is unable to safely accommodate legal assistants while physical distancing measures remain in place. If Counsel consider that it is essential that an assistant attend, adequate notice must be given to the presiding Chair upon listing or thereafter to the Tribunal Registrar in order that attempts can be made to find a larger hearing room. Please be aware that, in the premises, a hearing may need to be adjourned so that an appropriate room can be identified;

d) The Tribunal will expect to continue to conduct StarLeaf video link or telephone hearings where it is deemed appropriate and proportional e.g. for case management meetings.

e) The Tribunal continues to encourage parties to file bundles electronically via email to